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Durban, South Africa

Red Poppy Design was created for small businesses offering affordable website design especially for start-up businesses. And to lend a helping hand in small business who need a person doing admin but not full time.

Hello, I am Joanna. Thank you for taking an interest in my story of Who is Red Poppy?

A few fun facts about me: I hate winter, love chocolate, baking bread and watching medical dramas on TV. I live in Durban and can see the sea if I stand on a chair, in the distance, from my office window.

I was retrenched from my VA position and decided to do something a bit more creative. I enjoy the working from home life. I was never going to make it as the gym and coffee mom. 

For years, I have being told to be creative and here I am. I love using my creativity to design websites and make them look lovely and easy to use. My websites gives a professional feel to your online presence. They are also easy to navigate, mobile responsive and easy to find contact details.

Perfect match, as I can help small business, you can use one person to work on your website and do some admin work too.

And before that?

My background is hospitality, restaurants, front of house, back of house and organising accommodation for guests. I have spent over 10 years in this industry which spans over three countries. I understand what it takes, the late nights, weekends, birthdays, which are spent working.

With my VA Services, I can take the pressure off of you by assisting in doing the admin work, responding to enquiries, designing e-mail marketing letters, e-mail management, keep basic accounting records and all from my own office. Contact me to set up a meeting to talk about your business. 

Between that, while travelling, I also held admin positions in three countries and I enjoy adding value to an entrepreneur’s business.

Service delivery is high on our list, offering high quality, reliable and affordable solution to assist in your business. We give small businesses time back to do what you do best and we handle all the admin and digital stuff.

Red Poppy Design plans are custom built to suit most budgets.


Thank you for choosing Red Poppy, I look forward to working with you.