Instagram Management

An Instagram Manager can use your brand to grow your community

You have a beautiful website but how do people know your business exists unless you tell them? There are many ways to showcase your business one of them being social media, most popular are Facebook and Instagram.

Instagram is the social media platform to build your business, a place to grow your community around your brand, and deepen your connections with your current and future customers.

But it takes time and knowledge on how you run your Instagram page. Between reels, posts, stories, engagements, algorithms….

You can build a recognisable brand with personality people can trust, and showcase your brand through stories.

Did you Know that Instagram...


  • Instagram had over 6 million users (July 2021)

  • It is the forth most used Social Media Platform (after Facebook, WhatsApp and Youtube)

  • Instagram is the second most downloaded app in the World (after Tik Tok)

  • Over 90% of users on Instagram follow at least one, if not more, businesses.

Instagram Management

Instagram Management

Mange your Instagram Account on a Monthly
From R 1500 Monthly
  • Monthly Instagram Strategy
  • 12 Content Creation
  • 12 Story Creation
  • Hash Tag research for your brand
  • Using your stats to schedule posts to best times to post
  • Community Engagement
  • Following other Local Brands in line with your brand
  • Monthly report
  • FREE 20 Reel Ideas

Instagram Advertiser

Use Sponsored Adverts to Grow your Brand
From R 1000 Monthly
  • Set up Meta Business Manager
  • Set Up correct Audience to see your sponsored adverts
  • Content Creation
  • Hashtag research
  • Reports at the end of the campaign
  • FREE 20 Reel Ideas

I tailor make your quote to suit your business.