Frequently Asked Questions for Website Design

Red Poppy’s Frequently Asked Questions for Website Design

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It is an important decision to make and there are Frequently Asked Questions for Website Design that clients need the answers for. Below I have answered some of the more frequent questions I get asked

I love designing websites. It keeps me creative and I enjoy figuring out different aspects of a website.

Red Poppy, me, and you the client need to chat about your needs for a website.


What do I need to start with your website? 

As a customer I need you to give me what type of website and the funicaltilty you need from a website. Let me know if your website is just getting your name out there. Or do you need a directory service? Or a booking calendar for a hotel or restaurant. Or perhaps you need a subscription site. And the list goes on. 

So decide what functionality you want your website to have is top priority.

 You may just want a simple informative site. But if you want something extra, you may need a paid subscription to be added to your site. Yes you can give the free part of the addition/plugin ago. But it won’t give you the full functionality that you would like. 


Frequently Asked Questions for Website Design: Another question would be who writes the content?

No, I am not an expert in what you do. I don’t know the ins and outs.

I will use the information you give me and optimize it for search engines with headings, change words etc. 

 How long does it take to complete my website?

It is a give and take here. I can complete 3 pages in a few days. But I will give you two revisions to make changes along the way. As long as the designer and the client have a quick turn around we can get it done quickly. 

This is not the same for e-commerce sites. This depends on how many products you need loaded. My standard is 10 products and I will train you on loading your own products. Then it is up to you. An e-commerce site needs more work than a straightforward site. But it can take about a month or more if you want products loaded on to the site.


 I offer 20min free maintenance with my hosting, what does this entail?

This entails checking on the website, and making sure everything is up to date.

 I can offer further maintenance or management of your site if need be. See here.


Hope this helps when choosing Red Poppy as your Website Designer.

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