How to increase your website traffic

How to Increase Website Traffic?

Just finished a new website and need to increase website traffic and make the site pay for itself.

Customers seriously believe they have a website and now they are going to sit back and get stacks of business. Sad to say, no you probably won’t.

Bad news: to increase website traffic is a long term investment

You need to work with a long term plan on how to get Search Engines to recognise you and suggest your business. You, the website owner, need to work to get people/customers to your site. The website designer should make the site user friendly – easy to use, great to look at and easy to find contact details etc. Designing and publishing a website is one thing, bringing it to awareness to your ideal customer/client is something else.

It takes up to 4 weeks for Google to index your site into its search engines. This is where you insert your URL/website address and it does not appear for a few weeks.

And then, just to recognise you and build trust with Google(to make sure you are not a fly by night), it can take at least 6 months plus.

Good News: you can help start to increase website traffic by the following:

  • Submit your website site index to search engines through Google Analytics. Set up a Google Analytics account and submit a site map for searching
  • Look at your speed of pages/website opening. This is a big factor with customers themselves. In a fast paced world people don’t have time to wait on your site to load. Limit video use onsite.
  • Is your website mobile responsive? Huge plus for Google if it is. Google loves that your website is built in tmobile view. This makes it easier for your clients to use too.
  • Do you have SEO in place to help people find you? Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) are keywords that people search for in Google. To pull up sites that are in a certain category, you need to tell Google what your site is about using keywords. This helps you to be found in Google.
  • Push traffic to your website via social media. Leave links, blogs etc. with your website address on so people can check you out.
  • Our friendly search engine, likes new content on your site, this is easy to achieve with blogs. Just like this one. It is new content for my site; it has choice key words in the copy and it is informative. You can even hire people to write your blogs for you, if you don’t have the time.

Over time you will find customers will be coming to your site organically, but it is a long term plan.

We offer after design services too. Contact me for a customised quote.


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