Questions to ask your website designer

Questions to ask your Website Designer

There are many people out there who offer website design services. It is a mind field of services and information.

 If you don’t know the ins and outs like:

  • What is hosting?
  • What is SEO?
  • Or what is a SSL certificate?
  • And do really need these things?

I have put together some Questions to ask your Website Designer, to help make your life a tad bit easier. These are questions I should of asked when I started my own website a few years ago before I started to offer website design as a service.

I believe a good website designer will be patient and sit down with you to explain everything. The client needs to trust you with their business. This trust is earned through communication.

Questions to ask your Website Designer:

  • Hosting – this is where your website information is stored so clients/customers can access your website online any time. You need to find out who the host is. And if they offer backups of your website. Important as if your site crashes who will rebuild the site?
  • Does my website designer offer SEO? Without SEOs you might as well not have a website.
  • Look at your website designer’s portfolio. Does their style match with your ideas for your website?
  • Does your website designer offer you a mobile responsive website? Will your beautiful new site view just as well on a mobile as on a tablet? This is important now for Google and their ranking.
  • How long will a new website design take? This is a difficult one depending on the type of site you need. E-commerce will take longer as there are products to load but a one page website can be ready in a week.
  • How many revisions do you get to check out your website before it goes live? I offer my clients 2 revisions of the site.
  • SSL Certificate – is this included with your hosting? This is the security of your website. Especially important when handling credit card payments and collection email addresses.
  • Who will provide the content/pictures for the website
  • Will your designer be there to make changes and maintain your site or do you have to do that.
  • Does your designer offer to add Legal documents to your site to be compliant with POPIA/Privacy/Cookie Policies? To keep your website compliant.


If you have any further questions I am happy to help answer them for you


Red Poppy Design offers Website Design and Maintenance Services  for small businesses and Mompreneur.

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