websie and colour

Website and Colour

Website design is impacted by colour choice and a bad choice can make or break a business.

Websites and that all-important colour!

When it comes down to website design, colour is one of your most impactful tools, and choosing the right colours isn’t just about aesthetics. The right colour choice not only captures people’s attention, communicates meaning, and helps with brand recognition but can also impact how customers interact with your website.

Your Colour Choice in Website Design

Your colour choice also plays a vital role in guiding your customers through your site’s content efficiently and effectively. Colour can positively contribute to how you build your content hierarchy in terms of highlighting key information, driving conversions and calls to action, and importantly, the correct use of colour can make your site far easier to navigate.

A perfect example of how colour can impact conversion rates was reflected in the results of an A/B test performed by Hubspot, where they specifically were looking at the impact of colour and the relationship to conversions. They created 2 identical pages with different coloured call-to-action buttons – one was green, and the other was red. The results of the experiment after 2 000 visits showed that the green button attracted 21% more clicks than the red button.

Website Design and Colour Planning

Great colour choices take planning and when done correctly it can impact and influence how your customers interpret what they see as much as layout and copywriting do. Colour can make your site more memorable and enjoyable resulting in higher conversion rates.  You need to define and make your website stand out in an overly crowded market and colour is the one tool that will do just that!

As we all know colour can evoke emotions

We often subconsciously make decisions or judgements based on colour choices which is why colour is so important for your website. Colour also helps us process and retain images far more effectively than black and white images as research has shown that colour enhances memory retention and recall. This is why businesses need to get their branding just right and colour choices should be seamless across aspects of a business, especially your website.

As much as colour is vital to your website, too much colour can be overwhelming and unnecessarily complicate your site. Take time to choose the colours that reflect your brand, evoke the right emotions and ensure that you utilise them effectively across your site to achieve that much-needed conversion rate.

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