Why Digital Marketing is Important for Businesses

Why Digital Marketing is Important for Businesses

Many people want their business to have a website. And they believe that a website will bring them loads of new business. But they are disappointed when this does not happen. How do people know your business exists unless you show them you exist. Digital marketing connects businesses with their customers when they are online. And this is why digital marketing is important for business.

Digital Marketing is also known as online marketing that uses digital communication to connect a brand with customers using all forms of the internet. It helps the brand reach more people than traditional means does/did. It also proves to be more cost effective and is more measurable than traditional forms of marketing. 

As an owner of a website, it is up to you to invite visitors to your website. Either you can do this yourself or many companies pay professionals.

Because digital marketing involves many different moving parts, there are many people with different knowledge in different fields to carry out the job.

Five examples of digital marketing methods you can try:

  • Pay Per Click: Paid search results at the top or side of the search engine page whereby the website owner pays for a potential customer to click on the website
  • Content Marketing: Supply relevant, educational and inspiring information to the audience. My audience doesn’t come to my website to learn about cars so I don’t write about cars on my website. I use blogs to educate you about websites and digital stuff.
  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO): Process of choosing keywords and using them correctly in the copy on your website, within headings etc. therefore your website will show up higher in search results. This is known as organic reach in search engines.
  • Social Media: Is used not only to promote your product but build trust, show brand personality, entertain and inspire your audience to visit your website and when ready, purchase.
  • Email Marketing: Still a fantastic direct way to reach customers with the best ROI. I wrote a blog about it here.

This is not, by all means, the full list of digital marketing solutions. But the main ones. You don’t have to use every method in your business. Pick a few. Measure the success. If they don’t work, change and try a different method.

Before you spend money on hiring a website designer please look at what they offer. Do they offer SEO to get your site up and running on search engines?

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