Advantages of blogging on your website

Why do Websites have Blogs?

Do you Wonder:

Why do websites have blogs on their website and do you need to have a blog?

Yes, blogs are time consuming but you should be producing blogs for your website. It is a great way to bring traffic to your website and increase your amount of SEO keywords to your site. The more content on your site, the more content search engines have to crawl and index.

Time is always a constraint, as it takes time to research keywords, write a blog (have a catchy title and picture), edit a blog and then post a blog. While you can hire someone to write one for you, this costs money, especially for small businesses.

But Blogs have become an important way to get more information, on different aspects of your business, out there and be found on friendly search engines. A blog also highlights you as an expert in your field. This leads to establishing more trust from potential clients.

Advantages of a blog on your website:

  • To highlight your expert knowledge in your niche/field – helps show your talents and extent of knowledge in your chosen field
  • A blog can bring traffic to your site. As you have used SEO keywords to write your blog, you can still rank for these and bring interested clients/customers to your site
  • It gives you shareable content for social media if you are stuck for something to post
  • It shows you are trustworthy, to spend time writing a blog and publishing useful information
  • Helps with long term results as the blog will always be indexed on search engines and can be found until you remove it from your site (i.e. boosts traffic to your site)
  • Keep content on your website fresh and new, which search engines like.

Do you write blogs for your site?

Red Poppy Design can also help you set up your blog, optimise it and post blogs for you on an ongoing bases. All you need to do is write!

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